Thursday, February 11, 2016

Be an Educated Buyer!!!

Consult professionals to immerse yourself in the details of your purchase.  There are many experts available to guide you through the purchase process. Never leave yourself open to costly and unpleasant surprises – always consult a professional.  National Land Partners Land Consultants are well versed in every aspect of land acquisition

The Bottom Line

ALWAYS… Discuss the availability of owner financing. Many real estate companies can arrange proprietary financing or partner with a bank familiar with your property. 

ALWAYS… Ask for a recent survey. The more recent the survey, the more accurate and reliable it will be.  In addition, a property should always be marked for your inspection. 

ALWAYS… Insist on reasonable access. Frontage on a state, town, country, or private road is desirable. 

ALWAYS… Require a warranty deed. You cannot buy better protection than a warranty deed.

ALWAYS… When a warranty deed is unavailable, title insurance is a must.

ALWAYS… Establish a good working relationship with your seller. Deal only with a seller you can trust. 

Typically purchasing a land and build a home or a building is usually the single largest investment you will ever make at one time. With the constant change in market values and real property laws, enrolling in the services of a Realtor will benefit you throughout these years. I encourage all buyers to take an active role in the buying process. 

Always Remember, 
An Educated Buyer is a Confident Buyer!

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