Thursday, February 18, 2016

Getting Started In Buying Land - Part 01

Once you have a preliminary house design and budget in mind, your next step toward creating your new home is often to find the right piece of land. Buying land is very different from buying a house or condo, where most common problems can be easily recognized by a competent builder or home inspector. With vacant, undeveloped there are a host of other issues that affect the cost of development, and what can and cannot be built.

Even if you are very familiar with home construction, an undeveloped piece of land can hold many surprises both on and below the surface. Often the biggest surprise is the site development costs, which can be jaw-dropping. Your first job is to educate yourself at least enough to know what questions to ask – so you don’t get blind sided by the “unknown unknowns.” 


Before  you begin your search, take the time to establish a list of priorities. You probably can’t afford your perfect dream site, so you’ll need to decide where to compromise and where to stick to your guns. Some key factors to consider include:
  • Commuting distance: How close, or far away, do you want to be from shopping, restaurants, doctors, and other businesses you visit regularly. How far are you willing to commute to shopping and work?
  • Schools: Are you happy with the local school system?
  • Physical characteristics. Are you looking for a wooded site, open land, high on hillside with views, near access to water?  Are views important?
  • Neighbours. Do you want a lot of privacy in a rural setting and room for horses? Or would you be happier in a densely settled development where you will see your neighbours regularly and where kids can will find plenty of playmates nearby?
  • Municipal services: What private and municipal services are available: water, sewage, electricity, natural gas, cable, high-speed internet?
  • Taxes and fees: Are local tax rates acceptable? Are you aware of the fees you will pay to build in this area: water, gas, and connection fees, impact fees, special assessments?
  • Size: How large a lot do you need? Would a small lot adjacent to a large area of conservation land be preferable – it will probably be less expensive.

Once you find a building lot you like, run through the Land Buying Check list to help you identify pros, cons, and open questions. Talk to neighbours and town officials about your plans. Get the opinions of town officials (building, planning, and health departments),  in writing in possible. If questions remain, talk to local well drillers and septic system designers, and if necessary, geo technical engineers familiar with the area. Eliminate as many uncertainties as possible before making an offer. Buying the wrong piece of land can be a very expensive learning experience.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Be an Educated Buyer!!!

Consult professionals to immerse yourself in the details of your purchase.  There are many experts available to guide you through the purchase process. Never leave yourself open to costly and unpleasant surprises – always consult a professional.  National Land Partners Land Consultants are well versed in every aspect of land acquisition

The Bottom Line

ALWAYS… Discuss the availability of owner financing. Many real estate companies can arrange proprietary financing or partner with a bank familiar with your property. 

ALWAYS… Ask for a recent survey. The more recent the survey, the more accurate and reliable it will be.  In addition, a property should always be marked for your inspection. 

ALWAYS… Insist on reasonable access. Frontage on a state, town, country, or private road is desirable. 

ALWAYS… Require a warranty deed. You cannot buy better protection than a warranty deed.

ALWAYS… When a warranty deed is unavailable, title insurance is a must.

ALWAYS… Establish a good working relationship with your seller. Deal only with a seller you can trust. 

Typically purchasing a land and build a home or a building is usually the single largest investment you will ever make at one time. With the constant change in market values and real property laws, enrolling in the services of a Realtor will benefit you throughout these years. I encourage all buyers to take an active role in the buying process. 

Always Remember, 
An Educated Buyer is a Confident Buyer!

Friday, February 5, 2016

A Perfect Land to Buy - Prime Wind Flower

Situated in the close proximity to Weliweriya town which is a resource of many facilities and the property is just 300m to Weliweriya – Pettah bus route which opens the route to any area across the country. It is surrounded with a breathtaking view of a paddy field which catches the eye of anyone with no doubt.

There are only 11 Blocks are available to buy.  And the best thing is that there are many facilities that you would seek when you buying a land. Prime Wind Flower contains Electricity, Tap Water and Wide Roads with easy access and so on. 

The next best thing is that you can find the best prices with Prime Lands. You can buy 1 perch 130,000 LKR upwards and we guaranteed you that it is the best rate you can find in this area. 

For More Details about this fabulous land,
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Happy Buying folks!